Buying a home

Buying a home is generally one of the largest purchases a person will do in their life time. Understanding the tax consequences of the purchase is important before you buy, while you are living there, when you ultimately sell the home, or if you should decide to turn the home into rental property.

Getting married - or divorced

Understanding how tax laws impact marriage and divorce is critical for those contemplating either. Merging or separating assets, changing tax brackets, filing jointly or separately. All these things have significant tax implications and it is better to know before hand so you can plan properly


approaching retirement

Planning for retirement is a team effort. You, your financial planner and your tax accountant, all work together to get you the largest rate of returns on your investments, and structure your retirement distributions so that you can take advantage of preferred tax treatment of income


During this difficult time, the surviving spouse or other family and friends, must deal with the final tax return for the decedent and possibly their estate tax return. Final tax returns and estate returns can be tricky. It’s best to reach out and obtain advice from your most trusted advisors.